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Fitness Kit – Go, go, go!!

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Even when you’re busy, your fitness is always a priority. Eating healthy on the run can finally be both easy, and nutritious. Try Vi’s most popular protein-packed meal replacements and snacks, all in convenient single-serve packages to help you enjoy them anywhere, any time. The patented Vi-pak daily supplement system delivers vitamins, antioxidants, omega oils and more around the clock. And when you need to recharge, light it up with NEON Energy Drink.

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Fitness Kit Contents:

1 Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake (box)
1 Vi-Shape Superfood Shake (box)
1 Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal (box)
1 NEON Energy Drink (case of 24 cans)
1 Nutra-Bar Peanut Butter & Jelly (box)
1 Vi Bites Chocolate Monkey (box)
1 Vi Bites Fiesta Nut (box)
1 Vi-Pak (30 AM / PM packets)

Nutritional Benefits:
Protein powered to fuel action-packed days and nights.
A comprehensive, nutritional support system.
Supports muscle build and strength, energy, stamina, and an active lifestyle.

How to Use:
Choose from a selection of Vi’s meal replacements—classic Nutritional Shake, Superfood Shake and Vi Crunch Cereal—each providing a unique combination of proteins, fiber, and essential vitamins & minerals to help keep you fit, full and fueled up! Healthy fast food on-the-go.
Enjoy a nutritious Vi snack whenever you feel hungry between meals, or require a little more protein.
Drink NEON Energy Drink anytime you need energy that lasts, with no crash.
Take Vi-pak supplements twice a day, in convenient AM and PM packets, for the ultimate in daily nutritional support.
Eat other sensible meals to support your fitness goal.

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