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Thermal Accelerator Cream Reviews

How does Thermal Accelerator Cream work?

There are a large number of tummy tightening creams on the market today, but it is very hard to know which one to choose, and if it will do what it claims.

The Thermal Accelerator Cream by Tummy Tuck is marketed as being part of the Tummy Tuck system.

The Tummy Tuck system involves purchasing a special belt from Tummy Tuck, which they claim when worn for ten minutes twice a day can significantly reduce belly fat.

The makers claim that Thermal Accelerator Cream accelerates the results of that belt.

The cream is to be applied to your belly at the start of the ten minute session.

The claim of the whole system is that it raises temperature in your stomach which they say will start burning fat, and the theory is that you will continue to burn fat all day long.

Reviewers have stated that it does work, and people have seen a smaller waist after a couple of months using the cream twice a day.

They also state that this is not by using the cream in isolation however but combined with good hydration, healthy diet, exercises targeting the abdominal muscles, and a more active lifestyle.

Negative reviews are equally as loud however, expressing their general dissatisfaction with the product.

Positive things people say about it

  • The cream is readily available and is easy to apply
  • It does appear to assist your body to burn fat quicker
  • Can make a difference when used with or without the Tummy Tuck belt
  • Apparently good for other parts of the body too including upper arms, thighs and buttocks

Possible Drawbacks

  • There are very few scientific studies done into this product
  • It can produce a tingling feeling when you put it on
  • Does not stand up as an effective fat reducing system on its own
  • Some customers have described their cream as coming out clumpy, or full of white lumps
  • It can be too expensive for some people, with some sellers asking over $100 for one tube of cream, and reviews state that you need at least 2 tubes to see a difference
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin
  • Does not work quickly, and can take up to a few months to see results

Reported Side Effects

Some people have reported that when using the cream and the belt together some of the following may occur:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Skin reaction
  • Muscle and lower back pain

Some people who have bought this product online may have received an inferior product in its place, some state their tube did not have the name on it and looked different, with different contents to what they were used to.

All reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt as the customer may not actually be using the original Tummy Tuck Thermal Accelerator Cream.

A lot of people do sing the praises for the Tummy Tuck, but it doesn’t work for a lot of people too. The results are not consistent enough to be able to confidently recommend it.

Our recommendation is instead to focus on your diet, because results come from 20% exercise, and 80% nutrition.

Drink a couple of Vi Shakes a day to replace two meals, have a healthy dinner, and a healthy snack between each meal, drink plenty of water, and the weight will soon start to come off.