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How much water should you drink a day to lose weight?

Studies have been done to confirm the benefits of drinking water for weight loss purposes, and many studies show that an increase in water intake is correlated to a reduction in body weight across different diet plan types.

The benefits of sufficient water consumption are shown regardless of a person’s lifestyle, age, or other factors – which is great news for people who have struggled to lose weight in the past for various reasons.

The effects of increased water intake were measured using different indicators of weight loss including change in waist measurement, and change in body fat percentage alongside loss of overall body weight.

There are several reasons behind why drinking a suitable amount of water would help promote weight loss and research has been done to prove them.

Drinking water can help to reduce our appetite

More straightforward justifications for weight loss from increased water intake include water reducing our appetite when consumed before meals. This leads to a direct decrease in calorie intake as we tend to eat less with a smaller appetite, which with a maintained lifestyle and amount of exercise, would result in some weight loss.

Greater weight loss will be noticed if an individual were to improve their lifestyle in addition to increasing their water intake.

Replacing other drinks with water can lower our calorie intake

If we replace other beverages with water, this would also relate to a decrease in calorie intake as plain water is virtually calorie free. In comparison, other drinks like sodas or coffee would often contain added sugar, fruit juice, and other high calorie substances.

Reducing our daily consumption of sugary and creamy drinks and substituting them with plain water would therefore promote weight loss.

Drinking water can increase our metabolism

An increase in water intake also benefits weight loss in a less direct manner.

Research shows that drinking 18oz of water increases our metabolic rates by 30% for a period of up to an hour.

Effects become apparent within 10 minutes after we drink water and reaches a peak at 30 to 40 minutes. Researchers who ran the experiments determining this factor have also calculated that a daily intake of around 52 ounces of water a day (about 6 to 8 cups) would help improve our metabolism significantly and result in a considerable decrease in body weight.

The causes for an increase in metabolic rates from water consumption have also been tested and though many have not yet been proven, some research have suggested that our bodies use energy when we drink water. Energy is used when the water we consume is heated from room temperature to body temperature.

From a “calories out vs calories in” standpoint, drinking water would raise our calorie output to generate heat while reducing the calorie input as water has minimal calories, as mentioned before. This means our bodies are using up more energy to accommodate the demands required to raise water temperatures, which results in a reduction of stored fats, and therefore a decrease in body fat percentage.

Why water is so great for weight loss

In summary, individuals looking to lose weight should drink at least 52 ounces of water (about 6 to 8 cups) daily as water has many positive effects on weight loss.

Drinking water helps with weight loss as it restricts our appetite when taken before meals. Water itself is also calorie free, which help reduce our daily calorie intake.

Drinking water also promotes weight loss as it boosts our metabolism.

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